Profitable Back2Lay, Lay2Back and Trading Selection Tool

How many times have you backed a horse that runs well but doesn't actually win? By looking for horses that run well in their races instead of for the winner, you can make smaller yet regular profits and on multiple races every day.

Finding horses that don't run well at low prices allow you to place valuable Lay2Back trades and guarantee a profit on horses that go out in price during the race. We highlight these for you on the Lay2Back tab, saving you hours in tiresome form and data research.

The In Running Trading Tool takes all past in running stats, calculates the price drops to a useable format and then highlights the very best opportunities for you, the In Running Back2Lay, Lay2Back and Dobbing trader. 

We crunch the past in running data and process the stats, to simplify your trades.

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All of the information that you need is included to make your winning easy!

"I've used the Trading Tool for a while now and it is a vital part of my trading process every day." Neil

We have made every effort to provide you with the simplest and most profitable piece of software available for trading the UK in-running horse racing markets.

Three Ways To Profit - With Just One Click - Using The In Running Trading Tool


Dobbing means to back a horse at or close to the BSP, then place a lay bet to keep in running at half the odds, with double the stake.


If the horse hits the lower price in running you win your stake amount as an Even money bet.

Back2Lay and Lay2Back

Some runners nearly always run below their BSP in play and will provide you with multiple Back2Lay profits in multiple races. 


Others ususally go out in price during the race and are highlighted for you also and are easy to find every day for simple Lay2Back profits.

Short In Priced In Running

Many horses often run extremely low in price in running and these are also highlighted by the software.


Either bet those that often do yet rarely win for a low liablity in play lay or back those that do who are suited by the conditions, or well handicapped and ready to win.

Using the information provided allows you to see which horses are most likley to drop in price to be backed and then hedged out at a lower price in play for a guaranteed profit .

Many horses trade at  much lower prices  in running during a race but over half of all runners do not and knowing those that do so on a regular basis will enable you

to make a regular income from your trading. 

"Absolutely fantastic day yesterday. 9 out of 9 trades with 2 winners thrown in for a bit more." Stephen

Select from the best highlighted opportunities provided 

and win whatever the outcome of the race.


  • All the best opportunities for different trading techniques, highlighted for you in a simple to view format.
  • Back high, lay low and hedge out for a guaranteed profit.
  • Lay low, back high and choose your exit price for more profits every day, with little or no risk.
  • Change all price parameters to suit your own trading style in the comprehensive Settings panel.
  • Use the trading calculators to workout your offset prices and number of ticks for your required profit.
  • Form guides to compare past, successful in running conditions of a runner with today's race.
  • Run Style figures show you if the horse is likely to lead or be held up, giving you valuable knowledge on whether the horse is likely to drop or go out in price, in running.
  • See the number of ticks dropped and average tick drop for each horses past runs, to see whether a horse would be a good Back2Lay or Lay2Back trade.
  • The clear and useable format makes finding your winning trades easier and your profits more secure.



"Really informative and adds an excellent dimension to my trading." Jim

The B2L, L2B and Dobbing In Running Trading Tool

Simplify your trading with the best highlighted opportunities of the day


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