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The Settings panel allows you choose what you see on the race cards, so you can home in on just the types of horses that you want to bet or trade on.



On the main Settings tab below, there are three different setting points that you can edit. One for the calculations, one for the runner displays and one for the race displays.

There are two values to highlight on the cards, Gold and Green. These simply highlight when horses that have DROPPED TO, your chosen percentage from the BSP in previous races. Default is 75% and 50%.


With Green set to 50%, this highlights on the card in green, when a horse has halved in price, say from a BSP of 10.0 to at least 5.0 in running. This is also called a DOB trade. If you set the Green to 33% it shows horses that have DROPPED TO a third of the BSP and is known as a TROB trade. See the 'Dobbing Explained' on the links at the top of the page for more info on DOBS and TROBS.


The Gold value should be set higher than Green and can show horses who have not dropped as much in running but have consistently dropped a number of ticks. This is useful if you want to Back2Lay horses that regularly drop say 12 or 15 ticks, for small yet multiple successful trades each day.

ShortInRun highlights runs in pink on the card where a horse has started at a BSP of at least your chosen ShortInRun value, then traded to at leastyour chosen ShortInRunLow value - and then not gone on to win.


Some horses often run well without winning and this feature highlights horses than can be laid before the off at a low price to 'keep' in running. So if set to 3.10 you could place a lay bet on a horse at 3.10 before the off, knowing that if the horse trades at this price in running, there is a good chance it will still not win. If it doesn't hit 3.10, or whetever vamue you choose here, then you will get your stake back. At this particular price of just over 2/1, you are not risking much of a loss on each bet.


The ShortInRun tab istelf only shows horses that have failed to win when using your chosen values, at least 5 times. Horses to note on this tab are those that also have a low win strike rate. You can place your chosen bets on these horses every morning as a set and forget strategy, for hopefully a long term profit on a majority of successful lay bets.


Make sure you don't make your low price too low and keep a decent amount between the higher and lower values/prices that you choose.

Runner Display Settings, only shows runners on the cards that pass the following criteria that you choose.


So if you choose MinRuns 10 and MaxRuns 30, it means it will only show horses that in their carrer have run at least 10 times and no more than 30.


Min Green% 0 and MaxGreen% 33, would mean you will only see horses on the cards that have hit your chosen Green% in Settings, a maximum of of 33% or a third, of their races. So with Green% default set to 50% , it will only show horses that have halved in price, in a third or less of their races. A setting that could help you find, decent LaytoBack trades.


Don't forget to Save any changes that you make before closing the Settings panel.



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