Simple DOB Strategy - In Running Trading Tool

There are many ways to use the data provided by the In Running Trading Tool and I came up with this simple idea yesterday that provided some excellent returns on the day.


7 trades

6 successful Dobs

Including 2 winners at 8/1 and 9/4.


Dobbing is when you back a horse at the off and lay the same horse in running when it hits half the back price that you took.


A successful bet is the same as a winner at Evens and can be a simple way of making money plus the horses doesn't even have to win for the bet to be a winning one.


For more info on this, please read our Dobbing Explained page.

On the image below you can see the page opened on the DOB tab and this has been sorted to bring the highest figures in the Dob% column to the top by clicking the column header twice.  Click the image if you need to enlarge it.

As you can see there are a number of horses that have Dobbed 100% of the time so far in their career but other horses also have a high strike rate for Dobbing and I have firstly taken all horses with a Dob% of 85% or higher.


From these I ignored all those with a negative figure in the ShortInRunning column.


The ShortInRunning column highlights horses, those without a red negative figure, that have run to a low short in running price in a number of their races, giving even more reason to believe that the horse will be able to at least Dob when running today.


You will see this left us with seven horses yesterday.


Below is a list of the horses from the top along with their BSP, the In Running Low price and the % amount that the horse dropped in running.


Anything at 50% or less is a successful Dobbing trade.


Diplomatico   24   5.1   79%

Without Parole   3.54   0   100%   Won 9/4

Gabr   28.32   12   58%

Kidmenever   22   15   32%

Allora Yeats   65   20   69%

Monarchs Glen   12.93   0   100%   Won 8/1

Ideal Candy   11   4   64%




So there you have a very simple Dobbing strategy that is based on sound common sense given the proven in running data these horses have already achieved.


You may also want to use the idea for straight win bets as well but hopefully you can see how you can use the In Running Trading Tool to its best advantage, without having to trawl through page after page of past results and statistics.


Don't forget that the In Running Trading Tool provides much more than the simple idea shown here. 


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