Meet Caan Berry

Caan Berry is a professional Betfair trader, known for trading Horse Racing odds pre-race


However, unlike many betting experts you will read about online, Caan’s story is rather different as he started his working life in McDonalds before moving onto the British Army for 8 years.


After seeing active service and becoming a father he decided to mix things up, looking to make his money on the Betfair Exchange markets as a trader.


Within a year he was making a profit on a regular basis.


This success led to many positive online comments and on Social Media, before Betfair themselves contacted Caan, featuring him as a successful pre-race trader within a marketing campaign. In fact you have probably seen the ‘trade like a pro’ video series, or specialist trading event (pictured above).


During Caan’s journey, he has blogged much of his knowledge, his experiences and tips, which have now become a must read learning resource for pre-race traders who want to follow in his footsteps!


Caan’s blog has also featured our own In Running Trading Tool (click here to see it)


Whilst our product here looks at ways of trading in running once the race is under way, Caan mostly concentrates on pre-race trading, making his money from watching the markets before the flag goes down or the stalls are open.


Clearly, there is more than one way to trade the horse racing markets and it can only be helpful to look at all angles that are available.


Pre-Race Trading References of Interest:


If you would like to take a look at the pre-race markets too there are a few beginners resources shared below:



What you will find is just how some of the concepts and insights shared for pre-race traders can improve your in-play understanding.


More Advanced Assistance:


If you feel that you want to learn more and that pre-race trading could be your thing there’s also a pre-race guide and video course hosted alongside Caan’s blog.


For those with serious pre-race intentions, these are both solid resources that combine the very best personal knowledge from a respected trader, along with with a private community, where thoughts and other winning trading methods are shared.


And if you’re sticking with the in-play, then we have it all covered here at the In Running Trading Tool.



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