Dobbing - An explanation and examples of use.

Dobbing is a term used for a D.O.B back to lay bet which stands for Double Or Bust. Rather confusingly this doesn't mean that you double your winning profit as the name suggests, rather you double your stake on the lay part of the bet, to win a one point bet amount  of your initial stake, so is effectively an Even money bet. So  you are looking for a horse that halves in price during the in play market and the process is as follows.


A Trob is like a treble Dob, where you place three times your back stake on the lay bet at 33% of the back odds. Here you win twice your stake so it is a 2/1 bet.


Place a back bet of your stake (£20) on a Horse at Betfair odds of 8.4. You then place a lay bet at half the odds (4.2) to keep in running once the race is under way and with double your stake (£40).




The horse doesn't hit 4.2 in running and loses.

£20 back bet at 8.4 and no lay bet triggered.

You lose £20


The horse does hit 4.2 or lower in running but still loses.

£20 back bet at 8.4 (+£148)
£40 lay bet at 4.2 (-£128)

£148 - £128 + £20

You win £20


The horse hits 4.2 or lower in running and goes on to win.

£20 back bet at 8.4 (+£148)
£40 lay bet at 4.2 (-£128

£148 - £128 + £20

You win £20



Place a back bet of your stake (£20) on a Horse at Betfair odds of 12. You then place a lay bet at a third of the odds (4) to keep in running once the race is under way and with treble your stake (£60).




The horse doesn't hit 4 in running and loses.

£20 back bet at 12 and no lay bet triggered.

You lose £20


The horse does hit 4 or lower in running but loses.

£20 back bet at 12 (+£220)
£60 lay bet at 4 (-£180)

£220 - £180 +£40

You win £40


The horse hits 4 or lower in running and goes on to win.

£20 back bet at 12 (+£220)
£60 lay bet at 4 (-£180)

£220 - £180 +£40

You win £40



As you can see, once the horse hits the lower in running price and the lay bet is placed, it doesn't matter if the horse wins or loses, you still get your Dob or Trob profit. 


Finding the winner of a race can be a tough task as most of us know and making a profit betting this way is not easy, however when using the In Running Trading Tool to highlight those horses most likley to DOB or Trob, the strike rate increases greatly and winning money becomes much easier.



A simple example of how to profit from the software.

If you click the image to the left and enlarge it, you will see the DOB tab on the software open and sorted by most profitable 'Dobbing Return', far right.


This tab just lists all runners on the day that have made a profit if you had dobbed them in every race they ran in. By taking those with a lower amount albeit at a profit, you are lessening your chances of success, so I always suggest looking at those with a +£70 or better Dobbing Return profile and a simple idea that anyone can follow.


On the screenshot I am showing all horses with a dobbing return profit down to +£50 or more, less than the +£70 I would normally look at, however on the day every one of these horses Dobbed successfully - halved in price in running - for eight successful trades and a tidy £160 profit on the day to just £20 stakes - had you Dobbed every one.


These runners are below with their BSP and in running low price, which needed to be half of the BSP.


Crookstown 10.5, 5 = £20

Jigsaw Financial 17.0, 7.4 +£20

Reaver 5.5, 1.38 = £20

Diese Vu 4.7, 1.67 +£20

Finelcity 3.95, Won +£20

Bank Of Gibralter 21.0, 1.64 +£20

Spock 25.34, 5 +£20

Impeccability 19.61, 6 +£20


So just by simply sorting by highest Dob Return you can see how effective this software will be for you and there are many other profiatble trading styles and staking methods that can be used with the software that can make many more, simple profits on multiple races every day.


Dobbing - Even money trades and low risk betting.


With the rewards on a single winning trade being an Even money bet they are not as big as can be had backing a winner, however the profits are far more regular and as you can see, when you know which horses are most likely to Dob every day, you will find it easy to successfully trade and make profits too.


Dobbing is also very low risk as you are only risking 1 point per trade and a strike rate of better than 51% will see you making money in the long term, although you will get far better than this and make more money when using the software. 

Different staking plans using the Dobbing horses.


There are a few other methods you can use, once you have found your horses to Dob with the In Running Trading Tool and the most common is as follows. Instead of placing double your stake at half the BSP odds, you place the same stake at half the odds and this will then play out as follows;


If the horse doesn't drop to half the price in running, you lose your 1 pt stake amount, just as before.


If the horse drops to half the price but doesn't go on to win, then your bet is effectively cancelled out so that you win nothing and you lose nothing.


If the horse does win the race however, you win a part of the original profit amount, so with odds of 8.4 and 4.2 and a £20 stake, you would win £84.


To work out the profit just multiply the second odds by the stake, so 4.2 multplied by £20 = £84.


If you prefer to win a little more but less of the time then you may prefer this way of betting and the selections will still be found for you every day by the In Running Trading Tool.

Other Highlights of the Software


Whilst Dobbing is the main way of trading in running successfully, the software will highlight other ways of making a profit too.


Users can select a 'percentage drop' of the BSP instead of just 50% for Dobbing trades and all horses that have an 80% strike rate of dropping to your chosen percent are shown on the BackToLay80% tab.


The default percentage drop is set to 75%, so a horse with a BSP of 10.0 will need to drop to 7.8 to make this a successful trade. A horse with a BSP of 5.8 will need to drop to an in running price of just 4.6 which is 12 ticks, for a successful trade.


As the horse does not need to drop so far in price in running, you are more likely to profit from these trades, however you will not win as much as you would do with a normal 50% Dob.


In an example you would place a back bet of £20 at 5.8 and an offset bet 12 ticks below this at 4.6, making a tidy profit of £5.20 when successful.


As the horses most likely to drop to 75% of the BSP or whatever percentage you choose are all highlighted for you, finding smaller, yet a high number of winning trades is made much simpler.

Using the Calculations tab (left) on the software will also help you work out your stakes, profits, number of ticks and percentages.



Placing your Dobbing and back to lay bets.


If you are new to trading and find Dobbing, percentage drops, number of ticks etc, confusing or don't know how to actually place these trades, then there is a mountain of information on the internet and I would suggest starting by viewing some videos on YouTube.


Search for the Bet Angel videos to start with and take your time when learning as while it does seem very complicated as a beginner, I assure you it doesn't take long before you understand what it is all about.


Placing your back bets with the lay bet being set up and fired in automatically for you will soon become second nature and with the simplicity of Dobbing, a successful way to profit and with little risk, it is essential that you start learning now and along this Trading Tool to start succeeding and profiting where maybe you haven't been able to before.

Short In Running and Form Guides


Two other features of the software are the ShortInRunning tab as well as the form guides provided for each runner, with the form guide being opened for any one horse, or all horses at one time, with just one click of the mouse.


Click the image to the left to see the form guide opened for Kiss The Stars running in the 15.35 Laytown.


Here you have the full form for the horse. (Please note: the past prize money, race class and BSP place price data missing on the screenshot will be complete on your copy of the software). These past races can be compared to today's conditions when looking for successful Dobbing and trading opportunities or even just as a simple to view form guide for normal betting.


All winning rows are highlighted in orange.


The InPalyLow column highlights each time a horse has run below a set price in running, chosen by you and will highlight horses for you that have run close to winning on a number of occasions.


The default setting is at 3.1, so it will highlight each time a horse has run lower than 3.1 in running. If you wanted to change this to 2.4, 1.9, 5.0 or whatever you choose, it will then just highlight in pink when a horse has run below these prices in running.


As you can see for Kiss The Stars, the horse has run below 3.1 on 9 occasions, winning just once, so a good example of a short priced lay bet in running.


You may notice the horse did run below 3.1 on 14 June 2014 and 27 June 2014 but this was when the BSP was too close to 3.1 so these are not highlighted in pink and this higher, starting BSP can be changed in the settings, where the default is set at 6.0.


How can you use this information?


If you find a horse that regularly runs very short in running but doesn't win often, you can set up a lay bet in running at your chosen odds amount, say the  3.1.


If the horse hits 3.1 and loses like it often does, you win your lay bet. If it does go on to win then you lose, in this case £21 to a £10 stake, but you are laying horses at a low liability that are known to often run close without winning.


On this occasion Kiss The Stars hit 3.2 in running so as close as you could get to a winning bet, but not quite on this occasion and if a horse doen't hit this price then you get your stake back and lose nothing.


If a horse has a lot short in running prices highlighted and does win on a regular basis. is suited by the conditions and well handicapped, then you may want to back it for a straight win. 

There are many ways to profit from using the In Running Trading Tool and as you have seen the simplicity of just a few winning bets will recoup the cost of the

software in just a day or two, if not hours.

The Back to Lay and Dobbing In Running Trading Tool

Simplify your trading with the best highlighted opportunities of the day

Just £67 for a 12 month licence PLUS any upgrades for free.

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