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Save time researching your horses using the features that simplify your trading and make multiple daily profits, on multiple races every day.


 - Run Style figures for each horse - see if the horse is likley to lead or be held up

 - See the number of ticks and average ticks dropped for each runner

 - In running comments for every run to confirm each horses particular style

 - Choose your own Lay2Back and Back2Lay settings to find the horses you want to trade in seconds

 - See which horses can be traded at low prices in running to reduce any risk on your profits

 - Use our calculator to set the tick number and percentage drops to ensure the correct offset trades

 - Simplify your DOB and TROB trades with those horses have the best past form for dropping in price

 - Export all data or just the horses that you choose each day to excel and manipulate the data further


Plus much, much more.

FREE for 7 days, then full 12 months access for just £79

"This tool is so useable, it's slick, fast and so easy to access everything" Tadz

"Making my life easier, this is an absolute game changer" Peter

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