Automate Your Dob and Trob Trades

Do you regularly place Dob or Trob trades?


I expect that you already automate these trades but just in case you don't, you may want to try out the settings that I use with the Fairbot trading software.


Fairbot is my preferred software as it is very clear and easy to use, it is very fast and the support is first class if you have any issues. It is also very reasonably priced at less than £100 for a full 12 months use.


You can get a subscription to Fairbot if you click the link below.


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Setting up the Fairbot software


The images below show how to set up a Dob trade in Fairbot where there are two main parts, the back bet and the lay bet at 50% of the back price.


I have also added another Rule myself called Back to win, which places a separate £1 win bet on the horse in case it goes on to win. You can place bets less than the minimum £2 on Fairbot.


Firstly here is the Automation with the three rules. Once inside the software you can double click each one to open it and edit if you need to.


Placing the Back Bet


Below you can see the three images for the initial back bet which is placed 10 seconds before the off. You have General rules, Actions required and the Conditions which are set to ensure everything is correct before a bet is placed.




I have added a rule that says the horse must be at least 4.0 before the back bet is placed. You can change this or delete this particular condition if you like.


So this will place a back bet at 10 seconds before the off for a stake of £10 at 3 ticks below the current best price to ensure your bet is matched, as long as the current price is greater than BSP 4.0.


You will see that the selection is named as 'At Runtime' on the second image or 'unknown' on the other settings and I will show you how to change this to whichever horse you want to bet on when all of the settings have been completed.


What we are doing first is setting the global rules for this Dob bet rule and then you choose which horses in each or any race.

Placing the Dob Lay trade


Now we have the three settings to ensure a lay bet is placed at half the back odds to ensure your profit, which in this case is £10 as that is the original stake.


Now the lay bet will be set to scan the odds from 10 seconds before the off, it will be placed on the same selection as the back bet, shown on the second image as Selection 'By Last Bet' and it will be placed at exactly 50% of the back bet odds.


If you want to change this from a Dob to a Trob, just change the 50% to 66.6% and this will place the bet at a third of the original back odds and for this it will give you a £20 win instead of £10 but the horse will have to shorten further in price during the race.

Finally the £1 stake on the win


You can delete this rule if you want to as it will reduce your Dob or Trob profits by £1 if successful and the horse doesn't go on to win.


However it is very annoying when you have a horse that Dobs and/or Trobs and wins at a nice price. I had one recently at BSP 32.0 and I just want to try and make the most of these opportunities.

Choosing which horse you want to bet on.


Once you have the Settings completed, you need to add the strategy to either all races or just those you want to bet in. Fairbot has a good help guide on how to do this so you will be able to find out how to do this.


(For just one race choose the Automation tab to the right of the page, in orange below, when you have a race open and then click the Strategy drop down list and choose which strategy you want to use for that race.)


Once you have the Dob strategy open on a race, you need to click the 'unknown' link on the first back bet rule under 'Action'. If you are setting a minimum price to bet at you will also need to do this for the 'unknown' link in Conditions on the first rule as shown below.


Once you click each 'unknown' link you can then choose which horse you want to trade from the drop down menu for that race. As already mentioned you need to do this for the Back Price ('unknown') link also if you are setting a minimum BSP to back at.



There are far more strategies you can use within Fairbot so it is worth a look, plus you get a 15 day trial before making your payment.


You can get a subscription to Fairbot if you click the link below.



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